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Ayrton Senna - Formula One McLaren - Artists Print
F1 World Champion 1988, 1990, 1991

Ayrton Senna - Formula 1 McLaren - Artists Print
Details Above the drawing are three lines of text:
Ayrton Senna
Formula One World Champion
1988 - 1990 - 1991
Sorry - SOLD OUT

Ayrton Senna da Silva (born March 21, 1960 - died May 1, 1994), better known as Ayrton Senna, was a Brazilian Formula One triple world champion. He is considered by many to be the greatest racing driver in Formula One history. His life, character and the circumstances of his death have caused his story to approach what could arguably be termed a modern legend. A spectacularly talented driver with an unyielding and sometimes controversial will to win, Senna was a complex character who fascinated Formula One fans the world over. His death whilst leading the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola in 1994 is still mourned, particularly in Brazil.

In 1988, thanks to the relationship he had built up with Honda throughout the 1987 season with Lotus, and with the approval of McLaren's #1 driver, Alain Prost, Senna joined the McLaren team with then-two-time World Champion Alain Prost as his team mate. The foundation for a fierce competition between Senna and Prost was laid, culminating in a number of dramatic race incidents between the two. The pair won 15 of 16 races in the dominant McLaren MP4/4 in 1988 (The Italian GP was won by Ferrari) with Senna coming out on top, achieving his first World Drivers Championship.

While Alain Prost won the following year in 1989, Senna came back to win both the 1990 and 1991 Formula One Championships.

Ayrton Senna is widely considered one of the best, if not the best driver ever in wet weather. In F1, wet weather racing is considered to be a great equaliser. Speeds must be reduced and car superiority in power or grip is eliminated. The rain demands great driver car control, ability and driving finesse.

Senna was most renowned for his qualifying skill, a discipline he mastered like none before to produce a record 65 pole positions out of 161 races. This record stood for 12 years after his death, before it was surpassed by Michael Schumacher while qualifying for the 2006 San Marino Grand Prix, his 236th race.

"Magic" Senna, as he was known to his fans, also won the Monaco GP six times, a record in itself and a tribute to his skills which earned him the title "Master of Monaco".

This is a print taken from a very high quality and detailed artists drawing by the talented Yorkshire artist Nik Curry.
The colour print reproduces the great texture produced by the colour pencils Nik uses for all his drawings.

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